We empower women in Ghana

through microcredit and community development

The mission of The Talent Tree is to support our sister organization in Ghana, The Talented Women’s Club, a microcredit and nutrition initiative.  The Club in Ghana receives funds to develop businesses of individual women and for group projects such as chicken production and farming. The Talented Women’s Club employs microcredit as a tool for community development, empowering women as positive role models.


Since 1999, we have supported petty trader women living in a slum area of Ghana to develop their businesses and thus improve their lives. Help to self help. The women's primary concern is their children; to keep them well fed and clothed, and to keep them in school. The success rate is high. These are truly talented women.

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 More than microcredit; we get involved in community development with the women in Ghana. In recent years, we have established a collaboration with Metropolitan University’s Global Nutrition and Health institute. Many motivated bachelor students have now worked with the Talented Women’s Club in Ghana on health issues and this has had a measurable impact on the wellbeing of poor and vulnerable slum dwellers. 

The Talent Tree was established as an NGO to support the Charity Club in its endeavor to learn about and fundraise for Ghanaian families struggling with poverty. The project creates valuable in-service learning opportunities for students at Copenhagen International School and gives them an NGO forum on which they can extend their activities outside the school.