THE combined EFFORTS of

the talent tree & the charity club

  • Help improve the lives of forty five Ghanaian families living in slum conditions

  • Empower these talented women to improve their businesses and thus their economic and social standing in their homes and their community.

  • Establish a democratically run organization in which all members of the club are equal participants in the decision making process involved with microcredit and projects.

  • Create a self-sustaining project in which the interest profits of microcredit loans are not extracted for administrative costs but are added to the common fund. As the women pay back their loans with interest the loaning pool grows.

  • Develop income generating activities that help the loan pool grow. The club collectively owns and runs a small vegetable farm and a chicken farm. They produce their own chili sauce, The Talented Women's Club Shito Special!

  • Help achieve an awareness of health and its relationship to nutrition and exercise. Our collaboration with Metropolitan University’s Global Nutrition and Health has resulted in improved eating habits for the women and their families. Live style illnesses can begin to decrease.