The Charity Club

Charity Club serves as one of Copenhagen International School’s oldest and most cherished clubs. Charity Club started in 1989. Through different projects we gather money, to support many different projects all around the world.

One of the biggest is our work with the The Talented Women’s club in Ghana. And, yes, it works!

We have a variety of income-generating activities Valentine Roses, FIFA Tournaments and even to an awe-inspiring Charity Concert. But perhaps the favourite among parents is Trivia Night!

This year’s concert was held at the Swedish Church and included a variety of classical pieces played by students, teachers, and performers from outside our school. The delightful music was for piano, strings, brass, and lyrical voices. We hope this event will continue to be successful for years to come.

Our famous Trivia Night consisted of several rounds of fun questions answered as a team on each table.  With several breaks in between, parents had plenty of time to socialise and participate in the lottery.

All funds go to the Talented Women’s Club in Ghana, the Charity Club’s microcredit and nutrition initiative in a slum near the capital Accra.  They are a self-sustained group who own a plot of land bought with funds from Charity Club. Now they are taking it to another level and will begin rabbit and egg production. This will both give much needed protein to the poor families and generate funds for microcredit all can use. It is very unusual for women south of the Sahara to own land, and a group of women running their own farm is almost unheard of.  

This work generates a sense of responsibility and compassion for the less privileged and focuses on discussions on the value and challenges of international development work. All money earned is sent directly to those who need it making for a very personal relation between the givers and receivers.

If you would like to join Charity Club, you can look forward to participating in many different charity actions – for one, we have a snack bar (in the library, city campus). We bake cakes for our bake sales and make toasties every Friday. We recently co-hosted a classical concert; a magical evening of beautiful music performed by students and staff.

Contact the supervisors: Amy Faircloth and Ute Reichert. Charity Club is open to all students from grades 9-12 and you are able to donate at any time on our website!