Victoria fundraises for TWC by cutting her hair

Charity Club Event "A Cut Beyond":
Supporting the Struggle against Cancer and Poverty

It can cut deep to lose a head of hair - but not if it's for a good cause!
Victoria Jaded in Grade 9 is cutting loose for cancer stricken youths, and the poverty burdened women of the Talented Women's Club (TWC) in Ghana.

Victoria’s shorn hair will become part of a wig for chemotherapy patients. And all proceeds from your donations to her Cut go uncut to help the entrepreneurial women of the TWC in Ghana. The CIS Charity Club has been supporting these economically poor Ghanaian women for years, raising funds to help them start up the small business ventures that pay their rents, put nutritious food on their tables, and keep their children in school.

To cut a finer point: The Cut is Victoria’s spirited contribution to the psychological fight against cancer by giving young girls who cannot afford wigs the dignity of hair. The funds raised through her Cut will help the women in Ghana fight for their survival, too.